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Letter written to Santa Fe County on Haciendas del Alamo

Hi All,


The March 7th meeting was busy and the membership requested the following letter to be written:


Katherine Miller

County Manager


Jack Kolkmeyer
Land Use Administrator

Land Use Planning Department

Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276                                                                            March 15, 2011



Dear Ms. Miller and Mr. Kolkmeyer:


The Agua Fria Village Association (AFVA) on behalf of the Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community (THC) is formally protesting the approval of the extension of the Masterplan for Hacienda Del Alamo, Jim Siebert Agent, Gaynl Keefe owner, 4884 La Junta Del Alamo; which was approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC Case # MIS 05-5502  We are seeking a reconsideration of this case based on the information that follows.


The Extension of the Masterplan for Hacienda Del Alamo was again presented by Jim Siebert Agent for Gaynl Keefe the owner of 4884 La Junta Del Alamo at our Agua Fria Village Association meeting of March 7, 2011, in accordance with a provision made at the January 11, 2011 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.  This was a special motion by Commissioner Virginia Vigil, who moved: “that we accept the recommendation of staff to move forward for a two-year extension pending the review of this case before the Agua Fria Village Association.”  Further, that: “Should there be any concerns or issues then this case will be reconsidered at that point in time. With no concerns from the Village Association, then the two-year extension is applied.”


The action to ask for the “reconsideration” was adopted as a motion at our Agua Fria Village Association meeting of March 7, 2011 and was approved unanimously by attendees, at which former members of the Agua Fria Development Review Committee and the Agua Fria Community Water Association also attended. 


The basis of this reconsideration is that the Agua Fria Community Plan adopted in Resolution 2006-116 by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners on March 13, 2007 (located at website:, prohibits such development densities as proposed by BCC Case # MIS 05-5502.  Establishing the precedence of overriding the Community Plan jeopardizes the Plan and the planning process.








Thank you for your attention to this matter.





William Henry Mee, President AFVA

(505) 473-3160


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