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Letter to City-County on Settlement Annexation Agreement

City Manager Robert Romero

City of Santa Fe

P.O. Box 909

Santa Fe, NM  87504-0909                                                                             July 15, 2012


County Manager Katherine Miller

Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276


Dear Managers:


The Agua Fria Village Association (AFVA), on behalf of the Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community (THC), and other county residents in our southwest sector of Santa Fe[1], want to submit a list of issues affecting our area that should be addressed at the joint City-County meeting of July 19th


As you know, the AFVA has attended the November 19, 2008 and November 15, 2011 Regional Planning Authority (RPA) meetings requesting the City of Santa Fe, the County of Santa Fe and the Agua Fria Village meet together to do long range community planning[2]


The AFVA members have participated in the following planning processes:


1974-1978 Southwest Sector Plan chaired by Agua Fria resident Bob Padilla;

1983-1984 Relief Route Study

1984-1987 Citizens Advisory Group and Metropolitan Planning Task Force;

1987-1989 City of Santa Fe Master-plan participants with the Citizens Advisory Group;

1993-2000 Arterial Roads Taskforce with four Agua Fria members;

2003-2006 Southwest Sector Plan.


So we are no stranger to planning processes, but truthfully, these efforts have largely been ignored by City and County elected officials and public employees over the years.


The AFVA feels that without meaningful Village participation the issues will continue to be improperly addressed.


We respectfully request that our letter and list of issues be a part of the discussion at the July 19th meeting.  We are directly impacted by the rejuvenation or termination of the RPA, the Annexation discussion and the Settlement Annexation Agreement.




List of Issues Affecting Agua Fria Village (that should be discussed at 7-19-2012 city-county meeting)[3]:       


1. Containment of City of Santa Fe flood water from West Alameda Street, Agua Fria Street and Santa Fe River flooding Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

2. Containment of City of Santa Fe flood water from Siler Road/Cerrillos Road flooding Traditional Historic Community (THC) area through Rufina Street areas.

3. Containment of City of Santa Fe truck traffic from Siler Road, Agua Fria Street, West Alameda, Rufina Street congesting Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

4. Impacts of City of Santa Fe traffic from Agua Fria Street, Rufina Street and West Alameda Street congesting Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

5. Continuity of open space and trails along Santa Fe River corridor; including equestrian trails in Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

6. Planning for Sewer lines.

7. Planning for Water lines.

8. Planning for Utility extensions.

9. Removal of overhead electric high powerline of PNM from Algodones to Baca Street (Powerline Road).

10. Maintenance of Rufina Street City-built fences.

11. Beautification of City of Santa Fe yards on Siler Road (violations of EPA with spilled oil)---City needs to start acting as a good neighbor.

12. Notification (ENN) of uses of new property brought from Garcia Brothers (13 acres)---now parking garbage trucks on.

13. What is the formal process for notification of gas plume leakage from City yards to THC well owners (NEPA)?

14. Nuisance forklift noise (stacking pallets) after 9-11:00 p.m. at night from Walmart and Home Depot (also excessive security lightening)

15. City trucks using Traditional Historic Community (THC) area as thoroughfare (peeling it).

16. City prevalence to put unwanted uses in Southwest Sector (homeless shelters).

17. City transparency to Village for future policy actions.

18. Trash falling off garbage trucks.

19. City Water Policy and impacts on surrounding wells.

20. Adequate Public Safety discussion on whether Agua Fria Fire Station will be closed down/taken over by city or police substation will be located in THC.

21. Recognition that they are a part of a “regional system” including City of Espanola, Town of Edgewood, La Cienega Valley, Pojoaque Valley and Agua Fria Village. 



List of Issues that are being well addressed by City Staff:


1. Nuisance air quality from watershed burns not public noticed (asthma concerns).

2. Nuisance air flight noise from Airport (buzz overs/2:30 p.m. jet is most noticable).

3. Garbage trucks using Traditional Historic Community (THC) area as thoroughfare.

4. Weed management on Rufina Street.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter and we look forward to working with you.



William Henry Mee, President AFVA

(505) 473-3160






Mayor David Coss

Patti Bushee, City Councilor, District 1;

Chris Calvert, City Councilor, District 1;

Peter Ives, City Councilor, District 2;

Rebecca Wurzburger, City Councilor, District 2; 

Chris Rivera, City Councilor, District 3;

Carmichael Dominguez, City Councilor, District 3;

Bill Dimas, City Councilor, District 4;

Ronald Trujillo, City Councilor, District 4;


City Manager’s Office:

Therese Prada,



Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276

Honorable Danny Mayfield, County Commissioner, District 1

Honorable Virginia Vigil, County Commission, District 2

Honorable Robert Anaya, County Commission, District 3

Honorable Kathy Holian, County Commissioner, District 4

Honorable Liz Stefanics, County Commissioner, District 5


Administrative Assistants:

Commissioner Mayfield:  Juan Rios                     

Commissioner Vigil: Rita Maes                ,

Commissioner Anaya:  Christopher Barela           

Commissioner Holian:   Tina Salazar               

Commissioner Stefanics:  Julia Valdez                 


Senator Nancy Rodriguez District 24,,  

Rep. Jim Trujillo District 45,



Charlie Gonzales, Vice President AFVA;

Gilda Montaño, Secretary AFVA,

Catherine Baca, Treasurer AFVA;

Chris Tercero, Community Representative AFVA:

Tamara Lichtenstein, former Secretary AFVA;

Lorene Mills,

The Tsosie-Annon Family,

Hazel & Ramon Romero, former officer AFVA;

Henry Chavez, Co-Chair Community Plan,

Melinda Romero-Pike, Village Historian;

Jenifer Hackett,

Lois Mee,


Santa Fe New Mexican Julie Ann Grimm,

Miguel Chavez, former City Councilor, D3;, Commissioner Elect D2

[1]  AFVA Bylaws allow membership from the historic boundaries of the Village.  Many THC residents own ancestral lands north of State Road 599 and south of Rufina Street.  Original land patents from the federal government signed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 go from the Arroyo de los Chamisos (by Santa Fe Place Mall) to Arroyo de los Frijoles (by La Tierra Road). 

[2]  Reference our last letter of November 25, 2011 and our letters in 2009.

[3]  Note that some issues may have been omitted at our July 9th AFVA meeting or need to be expanded upon in order to fully informed City-County staff on how the issues impact them.

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