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Letter to City and County on assisting us with "planning" in THC area as a result of RPA meeting

City Manager Robert Romero

City of Santa Fe

P.O. Box 909

Santa Fe, NM  87504-0909                                                                             November 25, 2011


County Manager Katherine Miller

Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276


Dear Managers:


The Agua Fria Village Association (AFVA), on behalf of the Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community (THC), and other county residents in our southwest sector of Santa Fe, want to ask the City Manager and the County Manager to work cooperatively on several issues that have been raised to the Regional Planning Council (RPA) at its meeting of November 15th


We first attended the November 19, 2008 RPA meeting and presented a rationale for why it is important to have the City of Santa Fe, the County of Santa Fe and the Agua Fria Village meet together to do long range community planning.  At this meeting, the Councilors and Commissioners were surprised that under the Settlement Annexation Agreement (SAA) the Agua Fria THC appeared as just a “grayed out area on the map” and the numerous Joint Powers Agreements, and both city and county ordinances that affect the area’s infrastructure, were wholly ignored by the SAA.   Councilors stated that they thought 100% of the area was serviced by the Agua Fria Community Water System, although it is only 30%; likewise they thought 100% of the area was serviced by the three major sewer trunk lines running through the area, although this is only about 25%.   


Former RPA staff person Mary Helen Follingstad was directed by the RPA members in 2008 to complete a report of the status of the THC area.  Unfortunately, she retired after completing that report and the inability to have quorums at the RPA prevented any action from being taken.  Therefore, I am hoping that the direction that Co-Chairperson Councilor Rosemary Romero and Co-Chairperson Commissioner Kathy Holian gave at that meeting for the two Managers to meet will lead to a new partnership with Agua Fria Village.  We are hoping to formalize this three-way relationship by obtaining a commitment or resolution from the RPA to have an orderly planning process where the Agua Fria Village becomes the third leg of the stool and a forum like the RPA is available to have all three of the entities sit down together at the table.


One of the first projects we worked on was to straighten out several erroneous sewer accounts that were ‘mis-billed’ by the Sangre de Cristo Water Company.  Mr. Peter Ortega and Commissioner Vigil’s Administrator Rita Maes greatly assisted us on these accounts.


The Agua Fria Village Association (AFVA), and other concerned residents in the area, participated in the development of the Agua Fria Community Plan adopted in Resolution 2006-116 by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners on March 13, 2007 (located at website:, and is currently developing a Five Year Masterplan for Capitol Outlay projects for the infrastructure of the area.



This year, in a City Council meeting on the development denial of the Purple Horizon Mobile Home Park, traffic engineer John Romero commented that the Rufina Street area needed to be jointly worked on by the city (south jurisdiction) and county (north jurisdiction and THC) because it mad no sense to do it piecemeal.  He proposed a “Gap Plan” be done for improvements and traffic control.  This sounded really forward thinking and would help to update the Southwest Sector Plan that we have participated in since 1974 (with myself only attending meetings since 1978).


Thank you for your consideration of this matter and we look forward to working with you.



William Henry Mee, President AFVA

(505) 473-3160







Mayor David Coss

Patti Bushee, City Councilor, District 1;

Chris Calvert, City Councilor, District 1;

Rosemary Romero, City Councilor, District 2;

Rebecca Wurzburger, City Councilor, District 2; 

Miguel Chavez, City Councilor, District 3;

Carmichael Dominguez, City Councilor, District 3;

Matthew E. Ortiz, City Councilor, District 4;

Ronald Trujillo, City Councilor, District 4;


City Manager’s Office:

Therese Prada,



Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276

Honorable Danny Mayfield, County Commissioner, District 1

Honorable Virginia Vigil, County Commission, District 2

Honorable Robert Anaya, County Commission, District 3

Honorable Kathy Holian, County Commissioner, District 4

Honorable Liz Stefanics, County Commissioner, District 5


Administrative Assistants:

Commissioner Mayfield:  Juan Rios                     

Commissioner Vigil: Rita Maes                ,

Commissioner Anaya:  Christopher Barela           

Commissioner Holian:   Tina Salazar               

Commissioner Stefanics:  Julia Valdez                 ,,,,,,,,,,


Senator Nancy Rodriguez District 24,,  

Rep. Jim Trujillo District 45,



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