Agua Fria Village

Agua Fria Village

If it takes a Village to raise a child? What can a Community do?

The Agua Fria Traditional Historic Community (THC) is an area of designation by Santa Fe County, whose elected officials agreed with residents that it was worthy of preservation. So boundaries were established and they coincided with a small part of the historical boundaries of Agua Fria Village. A large grant area some 5-7 miles in length from Arroyo de los Chamisos to Arroyo de los Frijoles, with a width of 4-5 miles.

So now we are a traditional community and what does that mean?

Hopefully, it means the roots of the word: the commons and the unity. Terms that indicate that we are all in this together and through our cooperation we can prosper. Voices in unison and interests in common; a unique heritage preservation that opens a future of opportunity.

Today, there was an interesting article in the New Mexican on the Agua Fria acequia system:

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