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Developing Repository of Tapes for Agua Fria

Developing Repository of Tapes


So my dilemma as an Agua Fria Village leader is to find a repository for the permanent preservation of our unique patrimony. 


A number of oral history interviews of our elders were done at:

- College of Santa Fe

- City of Santa Fe seniors' program

- Santa Fe University of Art & Design

- Santa Fe Community College

- Santa Fe Living Treasures at UNM Archives (for Keith & Letta Wofford, etc.)

- Others

These were audio and video tapes and there is no single inventory.


Of course the film studios at SFUA&D are climate controlled and an appropriate place as a repository.  But with the "closure" of the College of Santa Fe I feel many original interviews of our residents in the period 1993-2004 might have been tossed?????? Will Laureate at SFUA&D move on and toss?


I would like a place where the “entire Agua Fria story” is available.  Be it a copy of the SFUA&D stuff at the N.M. State Records Center and Archives (a climate controlled facility), N.M. Photo Archives and History Library (where Hazel Romero worked before she retired and established a Agua Fria collection), etc.


The problem is I am trying to get more oral history interviews through a N.M. Historical Research Board grant in February, 2014, and I must deal with the deaths of Herman Montoya (103 in 2013), Amarante Romero (92 in 2013), Lucy Narvaiz (died in 1999? and audio taped through City of Santa Fe seniors' program and her grandma born in 1800 would hear the carros coming down the Camino Real), Leo C de Vaca (died in 2012, whose children know nothing of how to help recreate his stuff, but supposedly he had traced his family back to the original Cabeza de Vaca in 1528 shipwrecked by future Galveston and then walked through NM and the 7 golden cities of Cibola); all of these people, our elders, who were Santa Fe Living Treasures (literally-).  The more as time passes, this history becomes more and more fleeting.....


I just completed a project in December 2012 for the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area where I wrote a 132 page report on the Agua Fria History.  I revised it in 12/2013 to be 165 pages and am still going.  I am collaborating with our official Village Historian Melinda Romero de Pike ( on things as she is getting older.


Maybe it cannot be done without a large pot of money, like a grant or legislative appropriation.  Maybe the state through, the  N.M. State Records Center and Archives, and its federally affliated N.M. Historical Research Board can step in?


Or maybe it can through a focused-approach through each one of these entities mentioned above and below.  Establish partnerships, inventory what is there, copy it on DVD (and a more lasting medium), find the repository, fill out paperwork, etc.


Any ideas?



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