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Capitol Improvement Planning list for Agua Fria Village

Santa Fe County                                                                       September 20, 2012

Rudy Garcia, CIP Coordinator

Santa Fe County

P.O. Box 276

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-0276


To Whom It May Concern:


I want to express some of the needs for our community, the Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community.  I am the President of the Agua Fria Village Association, the designated neighborhood association for this area.  I generally know the needs of our Village and have presided over the ICIP requests since 2008.  I am also the president of the Acequia Agua Fria association, and Vice President of the Agua Fria Well Owner’s Association.  I am a Planning and Development Committee member of the Cementerio de la Agua Fria.  I am not acting on behalf of the Agua Fria Community Water Association and the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center (NRCC) Facility Board; which both have needs that I am not qualified to speak on.


Recognizing that the ICIP is the proper vehicle to bring forward our needs we would like to take full advantage of submitting this request to Santa Fe County based on our Five Year Masterplan.  Below is a list of projects we want to request funding for:



- #1 priority      Lopez Lane/Rufina Street Intersection Right of Way acquisition/Engineering Plan ($250,000.00)  for left hand turning lanes.

- #5 priority    Rufina Street building of a third lane (Metropolitan Planning Organization does not have any improvement of Rufina scheduled for next twenty years)

- Lopez Lane sidewalks

- La Junta del Alamo Paving

- Richards Avenue Bike Lanes & Lighting Improvements

- Richards Avenue Expansion to third lane for turning purposes

- Richards Avenue-Remove stop signs & Install Roundabout at Agua Fria

(A study was conducted in 2009 and there is not sufficient space for the roundabout and trying to acquire additional easement to the north would affect adjacent business entrance due to the terrain being steep).

- Richards Avenue-Remove Signal & Install Roundabout at Rufina.

- Containment of City of Santa Fe flood water from West Alameda Street, Agua Fria Street and Siler Road/Cerrillos Road through Rufina Street flooding Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

- County Road 62 and Prairie Dog Loop Roundabout into the Park, La Familia Medical Center and NRCC.

- Agua Fria Park Road grading and pavement on County owned portion (restoration of Cemetery survey markers in Right of Way removed by grader).

- El Camino Real signage on Agua Fria Street including the dirt portion past San Felipe Road.

- Already working with Santa Fe County for signage on Agua Fria Street to recognize the road’s historic nature.

- On the private family road signs along Agua Fria Street, West Alameda and Rufina Street, put another sign stating “Private Family Road” or “no outlet.”

- Reconstruction of sinking manholes on Agua Fria Street on Phase 1 & 2.

- Establishment of a vendor code at the Regional landfill for the Agua Fria Village Association to obtain bulk gravel resources (base coarse) for private Village roads. 

- Paved Toll Road under high powerlines (extension of Zafarano Street and camera enforced billings send to license plate holders).



- #2 priority    Agua Fria Utility Corridor Study/Engineering plan ($300,000).  Now that Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the sewer line have been constructed lateral public lines need to be planned and engineered.

- Lopez Lane sewer line Project Feasibility Study (requested of BCC since 1950)



- Work with Agua Fria Community Water Association to run lateral lines on public streets to serve well areas that might go dry.

- Agua Fria surface and ground Water Rights restoration

- In Cooperation with Cemeterio de la Agua Fria (CdlAF) extend a water line to the cemetery as requested in the 1970’s and 1988 and make CdlAF a County Water Company Customer.

- Sheet rain harvesting project at Nancy Rodriguez Community Center



- #3 priority     Agua Fria Park Improvements.

- Remediation of old dump site at Agua Fria Park (bio-remediation could be done through an irrigated soccer field).  Build on the study by Santa Fe Public Schools.  Environment Department funds?

- Park at the Santa Fe County open space acquisition from the Santa Fe Community Farm.

- Cleanup on Bennie J. Chavez Memorial Park in Vista Aurora.


Santa Fe River:

- #4 priority     Santa Fe River erosion control and stabilization.

- Containment of City of Santa Fe flood water from Santa Fe River flooding Traditional Historic Community (THC) area.

- Continuity of open space and trails along Santa Fe River corridor; including equestrian trails in Traditional Historic Community (THC) area (such as Equestrian Trail along Rufina Street and loop back through Santa Fe River Open Space)



- Agua Fria Elementary School repurposing to Early Childhood Center and Commercial Kitchen.

- Agua Fria Street Bus Shelters (Rita Maes may have a budget figure on this as she has worked with Santa Fe Trails).

- Agua Fria Senior Center near NRCC (there is a pending meal site at Rufina Street Senior Apartments).

- Green Recycling Facility in the Village (near A.F. Fire Station as proposed to Olivar Barela).

- Composting facility to be hosted by Santa Fe Community Farm with partners at Santa Fe Tree Farm, Plants of the Southwest and local equestrian facilities. 

- Drainage Plan for Agua Fria Village to include catchment ponds versus storm drains/gravel pits (Shelly Cobau of County Staff had suggested she do this study in 2009 but it was never done).

- Planning for Utility extensions throughout THC area.

-Weed Management District (through U.S. Department of Agriculture approval)

- Pest Management District (through U.S. Soil and Water Conservation District approval)

            (Prairie Dog relocation and gopher trapping)

- Community farm on Tsosie-Annon property off Rufina Street.

- Sheet rain harvesting project at NRCC

- “Gap Plan” for Rufina Street (what will City, County and Private Residents do in future?)

This could be a study or a series of facilitated joint city-county meetings.

- Countywide Cleaning Fund to assist Elderly/Disabled/indigent.  This Program would assist those that are not physically capable of removing weeds and materials that might have been stockpiled for years and are no longer usable.  When I mentioned this to staff they just said that Code Enforcement should be called, but a lot of this is grandfathered in and not capable of being enforced.  Imagine a contractor who had county permission to store extra materials and every job a sheet of plywood is accumulated now at age 70 they are to old to do anything with it, and too old to clean it up.  It was reported that: "County would manage neighborhood cleanups" but I prefer to think of the neighborhood associations doing it and being sensitive to a person's capability.  The County would be the fiscal agent and would open it up to voluntary donations from people.  Dumpsters could be partially donated and volunteers from the neighborhood would work with the families at their own pace and without repercussions.  Part of the AFVA Beautification Project.






William Mee

2073 Camino Samuel Montoya

Santa Fe, N.M. 87507

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