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Buying Local and the creation of an Agua Fria Business Directory


Here is an interesting statistic: if every United States citizen saved their entire paycheck and spent nothing for one month we would go into a “depression.” Our economy is so
tied to ‘consumer spending’ that we are always at the brink of collapse. We no longer make products in the U.S. and have no real value to the economy; we
buy everything from China, India, and a dozen other developing Southeast Asia countries. These countries have now felt the worldwide
recession and we need to establish our own self sufficiency or we will be
sucked down with them. So we need to
start spending on things that can help our local economy (meaning no foreign
cars, catalog shopping or nationwide ‘discount’ retailers that drive local
businesses out of business). Spending
with businesses in the Agua Fria area guarantees
that they will also spend in the local economy.
When you buy:

- a breakfast at Tree House Pastry (Plants of the Southwest) they buy American-grown and produced flour which “doubles” your investment in America---they even use organically grown food that is healthy for you;

- a tree at Santa Fe Tree (they are not getting these seedlings from China), they circulate their money in Santa Fe;

- use a local building contractor;

- get a tow from a local wrecker service.

We have more home businesses and people that work out of their homes, then most communities. It saves a lot of commuting and air pollution---but saves these people money. But who are these folks?

What if we had a "Business Directory" to tell us who they are, where they are and what they do?

Then we could patronize these businesses and in effect put money in the local economy that comes back to us later. It doesn't rush off to China like when we buy from Wal-Mart. Sometimes economists say that money spent locally circulates in the local economy between FOUR and SEVEN times. It is almost as if you are paying yourself when you buy locally.

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Comment by William Henry Mee on March 4, 2010 at 9:32pm
Jimmy Sue Wolf ( has graciously volunteered to contact local businesses to see if they want to be published in our Directory.
Please contact Jimmy Sue Wolf if you would like to be in the local directory. Benefits are:
 know your neighbors
 enhance community coherence
 buy from vendors in our community
Comment by William Henry Mee on March 4, 2010 at 9:37pm
We had an idea of maybe charging $5 each business card and printing 500 copies of the directory with all the businesses and then have them distributed. The idea is to get businesses recognized. This could be done with a family directory like St. John’s Church has done. With an active website this could be done on-line. We can look at the New Ranch Network from the Quivira Coalition and regular people maintain it and it is spread through out the ranching community. We tabled this discussion at our October meeting until more businesses are coming to our meetings. There are many up and coming businesses that maybe young people are starting and they would appreciate the contacts and the publicity.


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